Tuesday, November 25

I know many of you do not like the music addition we added to our blog. I would say I apologize, but that would be a lie. A few of the lyrics do not best represent us, but for the most part, that song exemplifies our life right now. My interpretation is that the song is about a person who is going out of the norm to try and become something different. In trying to do this, they have to step out of their comfort zone and began a journey that is new to them and everyone else in their life. Many criticize the person for their attempt to depart from what is "easiest in life". This criticism doesn't not hurt the person, only sparks more determination to live and be successful outside the box. Being judged is a part of life. Its how you react that makes you who you are. Is the person taking a risk that many choose to opt out of? Indeed. Is the person nervous of the outcome? Of course. But that person will be able to look back and know they took a risk (unknowing of the outcome). One thing is certain, taking that risk will have made them a better person.

The bridge of this song is what catches my attention everytime I hear it. Decide for yourself. The next time it comes on listen to it; don't press the pause or mute button.

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