Tuesday, January 27

185 Days Later

I can not believe that we have lived in Washington D.C. for six months. It seems only a brief moment ago we were at Chestnut Street. In my stint as a Northerner, I have found many things to be different. I felt like I would do a little comparison of what our life was like six months ago in Oxford to how it is today. I have rightfully titled it:

Then vs. Now

Oxford- Mild winters with a chance of wet, icy snow in March
Washington, D.C.-Frigid winter with snow in January

Oxford- Personal Car
Washington, D.C.- Public transportation and walking

Oxford- Southern accents
Washington D.C.- Northern/Bostonian

Oxford- Two bedrooms, bath, hallway, kitchen, large living room, and a patio
Washington, D.C.- Studio apartment with no hallway and no clear establishment of bedroom and living room

Oxford- $15 lunch
Washington, D.C.- $40 lunch

Oxford- Slow traffic only during football Fridays, lunch hour, when class is over, or about to begin
Washington, D.C.- Traffic is at a constant stand still

Oxford- Ten miles in Oxford is really far
Washington, D.C.- Ten miles is totally in walking distance

Need to be somewhere

Oxford- Leave five minutes before with time to spare
Washington, D.C.- An hour before we are finished getting ready, we either walk to metro with thirty minutes to get where we need to be or we walk outside and wait for a taxi to take us through traffic only to be late on both options

Oxford- No jacket because car is warm
Washington, D.C.- Three layers plus scarf hat and gloves just to walk two blocks to the corner market

Oxford- Fifty degree weather is cold
Washington, D.C.- Fifty degree weather is a heat wave

Oxford- Summer it is hot and humid
Washington, D.C.- Summer here is hot and more humid. Hard to believe but true.

Oxford- $700,000 will buy you a house that includes 5 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bath master suite, three car garage, greatroom, formal dining room, wood flooring, fireplace, granite throughout and 10' ceilings, and a pool. Square footage: 4,500
Washington, D.C.- $700,000 will buy you a house that includes Two bedrooms, one and a half bath with living room, kitchen, basement, and patio. Square footage: 880

Many things have changed in our six months here, but one thing is certain. Lauren and I are making the most of our time here and we have grown even closer and more in love than before.

And that my friends is worth losing all the finer things in life.

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Wesley, you're so sweet!