Tuesday, February 3

Non-Political Political Post

I try to keep Politics out of the blog. I deal with it everyday and after work, want to concentrate on lighter issues. However, I do feel I must say something about the current situation. The withdrawal of Daschle got be thinking. I was very worried he would be confirmed, seeing how both Geithner and Holder were without taking a look at their moral background. Now I am not addressing this as a Republican, but as a concerned human. I know Lauren and my parent's instilled into us right vs. wrong and how we would have to pay for our consequences if we chose wrong . But it seems in today's society, choosing wrong gets you an elevated position. Now what does that say for the future of our country, for children, or for anyone who chooses right?

My answer to this problem. Start nominating Southerners. While we have our flaws and are not all the same.... for the most part, God, Country, and paying taxes are at the top of our priorities. Obviously something the new guys have a problem with. Ha Ha I'm kidding, but seriously......