Thursday, January 8

How a meeting gets you thinking

As I write, I am also listening to a guy talk about the history of the United States Capitol. While it is very interesting, I actually have already learned the things he is discussing. For those readers who haven't been to DC in recent times, the capitol opened their new visitor center. The architecture is absolutely beautiful and visitors now have more to experienced than previously. Anyways, the point I'm trying to make is that it has given me the opportunity to begin my 2009 blogging adventures. Lo and I have traveled all over the place including DC, Vail, Nashville, Columbus, and then back to DC. We enjoyed the break and are trying to get back to the "normal life", WoLo style here in DC. We will be traveling extensively throughout the country in the Spring too. Trips that are already planned include the cities of Gulfport, Columbus, New York, Charlottesville, Nashville, Orange Beach, Rosemary Beach, Oxford, Dixon and........... I believe that's it for now. Wow that's some kind of travel.

2009 is going to be a pretty historical year. In DC yesterday, the two Pres. Bush's, Pres.-Elect Obama, Pres. Carter, and Pres. Clinton all had lunch together. This has not happened in twenty seven years. My mother told me I should write this moment down. I just did. It actually is really cool. It makes you wonder what they talked about. Did they talk about politics or just shoot the shit? I'm gonna go with the latter.

Next week we should have some pretty interesting blog entries about the inauguration. While I did not vote for Obama, I do wish him the best.

So my first entry of the year has come for all to read. Many more to come!

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MS Mom said...

no, Mother said: You should keep a journal of your adventures and happenings in DC. Your children and grandchildren will get a kick out of reading them. Those days will be here before you know it, trust me.