Saturday, February 21

Is loneliness a good thing? My thoughts concerning this often shake around in my head like glitter in a snow globe, especially when Lauren is out of town. You eat by yourself, go to bed by yourself, wake up by yourself, walk to the store by yourself….this can’t be good for people. And on top of things, I never noticed the large number of couples walking around until I am by myself. Seriously depressing. But as I lost my will power to a Good Stuff Eatery Burger and Village Fries this afternoon, I decided that being alone can bring you great hope in life. The fact of the matter is no one is ever really alone. In this day in age, one is only a speed dial, text message, email, webcam, or gchat away from comfort. On a more personal note. It is strange how much I rely on one human being. I honestly do not sleep well when I am by myself. I find that much of my time is spent doing absolutely nothing. Why should I get out and do something? I am not going to enjoy it. So for now, I am going to walk around like a zombie and wait for my better half to get back. It's hard to believe I was once single, devoting all my time to myself and now my fuel is another. Oh the great changes in life and how it makes you better.

Enough of the sensitivity.......I'm off to PARRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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