Tuesday, February 17

Number 1 Worst Blogger Award

Okay, so I have been officially scolded by my mother for being a horrible blogger. I am fully aware that my brilliant, journalist besty Jordan is the extreme bestest blogger and I am nothing but a figure in her shadow. BUT. I am going to make a comeback. A revival. I am back!

I will also use this post to say how much I love my mama. I googled mother/ daughter pictures and randomly this one came up! How perfect! I know my mom's name is spelled wrong, but what are the freakin odds that the names would be the same (not to mention the shopping bags.. :)!! One of the best things my mom has been doing since I have been away is, around 8-9pm, she starts sending emails about everything. From shows we have been watching, to random things going on to Brentwood gossip. It's like we have instant messanger! I absolutely love it - my mom is so hilarious and I love the little chats we have at night. It's like I am back living at home sitting on the couch just chatting. So fun. Just a little tidbit about my mom - love you mama :).

I will be updating more posts soooooooonnnn.


mother teresa said...

Love you too!!! Good blog!!

hot child in the city said...

ummm...I would like to point out that you have a job. Where as, I currently do not. Thank you for you praises but I'd rather have a job than have the "best blogger award" haha...love you. and your mama!

MS Mom said...

Lauren, you have an awesome mom. She is the answer to many of my prayers. I had prayed that the Lord would not only send Wesley someone that would love and cherish him, but also for a mother-in-law like the one that I have been blessed to have for almost 30 years now. Yep-Teresa is it! Prayers are indeed answered. Reed has just been a bonus to the package deal! :)