Sunday, March 15

Wolo's New Extravaganza!

Okay, so Wesley and I have been apartment hunting lately to see if we can move to a different part of town (and a place with a separate bedroom!!). In the meantime, we did some redecorating (all credit going to Wesley... I was actually against this change in the beginning.. of course.. but now I love it!). We moved some things around.. and here is our new setup!From the front door...Our new living room nook!
Comfy...My little corner...To the kitchen!And this is our humble abode!!! Hope yall like it. :)


mother teresa said...

I like it! Much easier to make the bed now, and I like the den nook.

MS Mom said...

Are you saying this is the first time Wesley has moved things around?
He used to do this to his room all the time and the den when I would let him (sometimes it would be changed when I got home). Get ready and purchase some of those discs that make moving furniture easier.
By the way, he gets this from Mama Clay. :) The apartment looks good!
Hope to see it in person one day.