Monday, July 6


Yes. I know. I am fully aware. Wesley and I have become blogging failures. I will admit that I am ashamed. I thought I would take this full steam ahead and really become a master blogger. That didn't happen. So many things have happened since our last blog and I will update you on them all... but not now. Because again I am a failure and don't feel like it. So I will just give you a preview... Just a little taste of blogs to come...

1. WE MOVED. Yes we finally have a one bedroom apartment. Pictures will be uploaded.
2. We have had so many great visitors! Yes, we love you all and you each will get a shout out for being such great friends. :)
3. Fourth of July in DC. Nothing beats it - you will get a full run down of the festivities.
4. Ellen and Danny got married! Best wedding week/ weekend of my life. Check out the pics on facebook - it was awesome.
5. Amanda and Gunn also got married! Oxford, friends, square, weddings = happiness. (I actually think I am going to do a full shout out to all my friends who have gotten married this year. We will see if this actually happens... I am setting high hopes.)
6. Wesley got a promotion! We are moving up the political ladder. :)
7. Taste of the South. Southern states society black tie ball. Southern food, Southern drinks, Southern friends - enough said.
8. Rehoboth Beach - Our first vacation since our honeymoon. It rained the whole time... sweet.
9. Virginia Wine Tasting. Booyahh.
10. I can't think of a 10th... but there is something else fun that has gone on in my life.

That's all I've got for now. LC

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mother teresa said...

Its about time ya'll back on the blog. We're anxiously awaiting more.