Friday, July 10

Season 2

Lauren has already mentioned our lack of blogging. At the same time, frequent followers have requested new posts, but let's not get greedy here.

Our absence from the blogging world is like your favorite TV show that has ended for the season. You long for the new season to begin, but know the wait will be well worth it. While not posting, we have researched, filmed, and gathered numerous topics that should make Season 2 of The Wolo even better than the first. Of course, we will take looks back into the first season that will clarify the goings on of the new season.

This season of The Wolo….. New characters, intense drama, and enlightened happiness are just a few of the exciting happenings (or not so) in the daily lives of two individuals set out to conquer their dreams in the midst of reality setbacks. Through their eyes, watch as their lives unfold…

Note: The theme song is playing throughout this.

Until Next Time.

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