Sunday, July 26

It's summer here in the District, which means more people are outside. The weather, wind, and scenery have been amazing. It has been a couple of months since we moved into our new place. The change is phenomenal. Currently, I am sitting on a couch watching t.v. I can honestly say that 100% of the people who read this blog do not understand the importance of a couch because you have always had one. We, on the other hand, did not had a couch for, count it, TEN MONTHS. That is a really long time. Don't get me wrong, Lo and I loved our pallets and pleather uni-seater chairs, but those days are thankfully over. When we get ready for bed, we actually have to walk into a bedroom and close a door. Funny, the small things that gets us in life.

This morning, we got up and went to church. Lo and I have been looking for a church to call home. We currently attend a Methodist one on the Hill, but it just doesn't click with me. Call me a good ol' Southern boy, but I like to go into a church and have people greet you as if they have known you all your life, regardless if they have or not. Just doesn't happen here. I am used to a preacher mixing college football into the sermon, not the happenings of Healthcare Reform or Harvard professors and Cambridge cops. I deal with politics on a daily basis and prefer NOT to listen to it during church. What happened to the separation of Church and State? I understand I live in the Nation's capitol, but geez. On our walk home, it was the topic of our discussion (as you can tell I'm pretty upset about it). We just have to continue to have faith and trust that a church will come into our lives. I think we need to make our way into Virginia.

I am about to sign off on The Wolo. It's dinner and movie night at the PentHouse! (on our couch)!! Until next time.......

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Courtney said...

Love our new name on your blog list. Love to read about your adventures whether they be commonplace or something that would only happen to Lauren and Wesley. My thoughts are with you about finding a church. A necessity we are coming up on struggling with this very week. Keep looking. Maybe I am bias, but those Baptists have always seemed welcoming to me!