Sunday, August 16


You know the book, you know the movie, but do you really understand its reality? I'm about to take you deeper than you can imagine. The reality is that you may not understand the true meaning of a shopaholic; that is, until you see it from my perspective……….. these are the confessions of a shopaholic’s husband. That’s right. Yes, a shopaholic can “confess”, but never whole heartedly. They leave out little secrets or make their “confession” seem sweet and innocent so you end up feeling sorry for them. From my perspective and my confessions, you will get the truth; open to public, without buffering.

Shopping for labels, shopping for love. Oh wait. She has already found love (uughh me!) so it’s the first part that still continues, right? Or is the love really me? She shops for labels AND for love. The love of finding that perfect black, long-sleeve, leather, crop jacket that features a zip closure and waist zip pockets, handmade in Italy that will go perfectly over that flowing Rebecca Taylor top, bottomed with her black Blank Skinny jeans and of course her to die for black patent Jimmy Choo booties. Now that is true love. Why can't she just find that jacket! Geeez, that outfit would be like totally perfect and cute. For sure.
And you wonder how I know all about the labels? Because I am a shopaholic’s husband. I have to know what brands are “in” and “out” for the season. I have to know what brands are Contemporary (which means of the time, i.e. Rebecca Taylor, MINT, Milly) and what brands are staples in fashion (i.e. Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc.). Yes, being a shopaholic’s husband is much different from being a regular husband. It takes a strong person to be one; you can’t just become one overnight. You must be educated, knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated. A normal husband doesn’t get the pleasure of receiving countless emails from their wives during the work day with nothing in the text but “so cute”, “I love this”, or just simply “please?” followed by a link to a dress, a pair of shoes, or a hand bag. Wait…..did I just say “hand bag” and not purse…That’s a Shopaholic’s Husband for you, SAH for short.
Part I- The Beginning

Where did this begin? I have to wonder if it began years ago. One picture comes to mind. Lo as a tiny person dressed in her moms knee highs and pearls singing at the top of her lungs. The singing didn't last, but boy did that love for fashion. Since then it has been a nonstop ride. Flash forward to the side ponies, oversized shirts, stirrup pants, and keds. Then on to high school, where the days were filled with school dress codes, but fear not… bebe was waiting every Friday for that perfect top for the weekend...ahhh the glorious bebe tops.

College. Oh. My. Her addiction is in full effect. She has moved from phase 2 - Mental Addiction to phase 3 - Physical Addiction. Phase 3 is the last and most serious form of addiction. Intervention should have occurred. Endless hours of online shopping consumed most of her time, but those miniskirts and high heels made the boys turn. I must admit, that online shopping got me. So should I thank for bringing us together? Or her parents? Or both? For if it wasn’t for her parents buying her that computer and mini mouse, that shopbop website would have not utilized. But then if shopbop had not been created, that black mini skirt and lime green heals would not have been purchased. But then again, if mommy and daddy's credit card did not contain the perfect numbers for easy memorization, then those items would also not have been available for purchase. It gets really complicated.
During the writing of this, I realized this cannot be just one post. It deserves multi-posting. Therefore, I will sign off for the moment and let you wonder what happens next with Confessions of a Shopaholic’s Husband.

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mother teresa said...

I'm glad I have passed the torch to you from shopaholic's mother to shopaholic's husband. Good luck with that!!!!