Friday, July 10

Writing often is best when the author is in a state of happiness or in a state of depression. I am in neither of the two, but wondered if I should even attempt to blog about this. But then I got to thinking, our readers always see the happy times of The Wolo. We are human and go through struggles and dips in life just like everyone else. Why not post those occurrences? In order to truly get one side, you must also understand the other, right?

How can a fight in a relationship lead to a deeper, more passionate love for that same person hours ago you momentarily despised? It seems like an oxymoron or some twisted idea thought up by the most unpleasant human being. But no, just a regular man who has fallen more in love because of a misunderstanding, probably brought on by a long day of stress, work, and a little bit of alcohol. While I am being openly honest about my human nature, this was not the first and for sure not the last of our quarrels. But this one has caused me to reflect on some that have previously taken place. After the storm has past, one thing has occurred every time for me, is a profound knowing that that person I said I will love forever has again made me fall more in love than the day before.

No matter what the cause of the tornado (i.e. our fights) wait. disagreements, the result for me is always clear. I love my wife. I have also found I can't stay mad at her... I try to believe me, especially when I'm right (which is rare). But she is just way too darn cute. I know that I am placing myself on the chopping block because I have exposed top secret information that now jeopardizes/eliminates what chance of a fight I had left on my side.

But in the end, what's important is the faith that all our disagreements, once worked through, will build a better foundation for our future and make our love and devotion stronger. Long live the Wolo!


Nick and Laura said...

Hi! We just joined the blog world. Hope all is well in DC!

lauren said...

this is so sweet, wes. miss yall.