Wednesday, September 16

Why are elevators awkward?

Note: This was written yesterday evening, but I was just able to post it today. No, I am not going home to eat turkey burgers and drink wine for lunch.

I take the elevators probably a thousand times a day and the ride is always the same. Awkward. There are so many different situations that can occur on the elevators:

1. Silence. Most of the time, this is the case. You could hear a pin drop on the elevators. Everyone stares straight ahead as if their ex is next to them and they do not want to make eye contact because it would mean a conversation. I have been on the elevator with co-workers chatting up a storm, but just as soon as an outsider steps on, the vator space gets silent. I don’t understand. I often times say “crickets” to try and lighten the mood.

2. At least one loser a day gets on and can’t use the stairs to go up one flight. I have already blogged specifically about this, so will not go into detail.

3. The one person who is on the phone talking about everything that is going on with her life. Yes I say HER because 9 times out of 10, it is some girl who doesn’t realize or care that others are standing next to her. I honestly do not care if Suzie’s roommate is shackin’ with her co-worker and how she is so super excited to be with all the girls for cosmos… This happened to me every day for about a week a while ago. Equally as annoying, it was the same girl who thought vator space was time to call her mom and give her every detail of her life that occurred the day before. Torture. It was also 8:15 in the morning, while in a bad mood for having to go to work.

4. People getting on the “Senator’s Only” elevator. Can people not read? It is there for a purpose. Interns LOVE to do this. So do Dems.

5. Staffers babbling about what their boss just introduced/is going to introduce or how obnoxious the Republicans or Democrats are. Its public knowledge and it doesn’t make you cooler to talk so loud others can hear you. We don’t care if you boss introduced a bill. All of our bosses do that. It’s their job.

I’m sure there are several more, but at the moment I cannot think. I only had one cup of coffee all day and my mind does not really want to think after working all day. I also had to stand in a meeting for an hour and a half..…Yes stand….. Because there were not enough seats in the room. Typical.

So random, but I despise Glenn Beck. Literally DESPISE HIM. He makes my job miserable. A lot of people in Mississippi think he is right on everything, and then follow his orders when he says to call the Senator about stupid shit. They seriously call and say “I was watching Glenn Beck and tell the Senator he needs to listen to Glenn Beck. He stands for America and our rights.” Umm…Glenn Beck exaggerates for ratings. I handle MIS issues, among many, which means Glenn Beck. He is MIS…….ERABLE.

Well I am off. Lauren had a bad day at work today, so we are eating turkey burgers and drinking wine. Hopefully her mood will change. Until next time….

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Anna said...

I CAN'T STAND GLEN BECK!!!!Thank goodness you feel the same way..guess which ridiculous overzealous republican listens to him on Fox and talk radio (yes, all the way home from NY)...that's right, my boyfriend. Would you like to help with the intervention?
P.S.. It's also probably my grandparents calling you. They lovveee Fox haha