Thursday, August 20

You thought Politicians were crazy.......

I think I have noted in previous post how weird the squirrels are here in DC. Anyways, I confirmed this a few months ago when one threw a bagel at me as I left my house. Seriously. Lauren and I were walking out of our apartment and a bagel flew by my head. We looked around and then up and starring back at us was the culprit.

Today took these rodents to another level. As Lo and I walked home from parking, we were stopped in our tracks as we saw the unthinkable. A DC squirrel standing with his front paws perched on the bumper of this red car........eating away at the bumper. Again. SERIOUSLY. We can not make this stuff up. I nor Lauren am not that creative. We stood there a foot away from this rodent and saw where he has gnawed his way across the length of the bumper of this car.

I told you they are strange.

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