Thursday, January 7

I secretly stalk the Walgreens website

Through my mother's account. I probably check weekly the photos she uploads to her account and play the slideshows. This allows me to keep up on whats going on with my family, in a visual way. Distance between us: DC to Columbus (900 miles), DC to Brentwood (675 miles).

These are a few of the ones I found and thought I would share.

Bonfire at my parentsThe gift Lauren had begged to buy and she called me mean for not letting her...Dad and MasonBrantly's new puppy, Bailey.Clay Christmas Tree
One of my favorite ornaments from our tree. Props to my mother for making them.
Brantly all dressed up for Christmas.2009 Clay family Christmas pic
Lo and I at the British Ambassador's Christmas Party

And the edited 2009 Clay Family Christmas Pic. :)

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