Tuesday, January 5

In a Nut Shell

You might be seeing a common theme in my posts lately. That has been a result in my brand new iPod Touch that I got. I can now blog (or make the first draft) anywhere I please and that my followers, can keep the blog running a bit smoother than it has in the past. Below is the post from when we were flying back from the Holiday Season. Better late than never, right?

As I sit on the plane ride back to DC, I feel both eagerness and sadness. I'm going to be honest, as much as I love the big city, I love the south. It's hard to have the two together. You more often than not, have to choose one.

Christmas break was great. Here is the breakdown.

Friday: We visited with the McFatters. Like always, it was a good time. We hung out at their amazing house; drank wine, cooked steaks, and told stories. Their neighborhood Christmas party was that night, so we decided after dinner we would make an appearance. Boy did we. Before our departure, Daniel and I got into Lauren's (also Daniel's wife's name) closet and found her holiday attire. Daniel and I decided that the neighborhood party was for sure Tacky Christmas, so we put on our costumes and gave the girls holiday ribbons for their heads, and away we went.........only to be the SOLES wearing costumes. Well holiday costumes. These 30 year old women at Reunion (that's the neighborhood) thought they were back in college with their mini skirts (no leggings), sequins leggings (you read right), or the tight shirt/legging combo. WOW! They were rough and then had the nerve to look at us like we were strange. Whatever, Tis the Season to be trashy and they for sure were working it.

P.S. We knew it wasn't a tacky party, but wanted to spice it up.

Saturday: We headed over to the Zimmerman's for an always eventful time. The hosts had anything and everything there available for us. We watched The Hangover with Margaret's parents and then got ready and headed to Mary Margaret and Matt's wedding. It was such a good time.

Sunday: Travels to Nashville.

Monday: Christmas shopping where I saw a country music singer (name TBD, but I know it was one) and a Britney Spear's back up dancer. You know the one that made headlines for possibly being her latest squeeze (before her agent/boyfriend)? Yeah, he is from Nashville.

Tuesday: We had family dinner night at The Palm for the many birthdays and finished it off at a VERY interesting bar. Leaving it at that.

Wednesday: Rest and Relaxation

Thursday: Christmas Eve dinner, which consisted of Big Green Egg steaks and Silver Oak. Yom. That followed with a trip over to the Edmonds' for my very first taste of Egg Nog. I actually liked it. Who knew?

Friday: Present opening and Christmas lunch followed by naps! Love Christmas nap.

Saturday and Sunday: Dinner with the Brentwood Academy folks, followed by a hangout at Jordan's and more relaxation.

Monday: Flight back. Fun times. Now on to 2010!

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