Wednesday, February 17

Following Suit... About me.

I haven't posted in a while and Wesley is starting to make me look bad, and I saw this on Jo's blog... so I thought I would follow suit.

* If I were a gamer I would be... well I wouldn't be a gamer. Ever. I guess if forced I would be... loisnotagamer. Good enough.

* If I could get a puppy I would name it.... Pickles. Or Percy. Or Mimi LaRue. Or anyname that fits my doggy. I want a dog. Bad. A bassett hound... a white lab... a doberman.. a weimeranier. I just want a dog, people.

* If I could have a superpower... I would be able to read people's minds without them knowing it / slightly know the future like Twilight (I don't need any comments!). I am a planner - I like to know things in advance.

* I just started listening to.... all Joey's playlists. I typically stick to all the pop music on the local radio station but I have been venturing out lately to jo's fun playlists. Thanks geurl.

* If I won the lottery... I would pay off my debt and start saving. That is my adult answer. And then I would buy a house bigger than my shoebox apartment that would have a nice big kitchen.

* I enjoy... turning up my music in the car really loud during rush hour and pretending that I am somewhere else... besides stuck in rush hour with jerks honking at me.

* I want kids.... in 5 -6 years. I am too selfish to share my husband right now. I can barely take care of myself... how can I take care of a kid?! :)

* If I wasn't.... working at the Embassy, I would be in New York hopefully doing something in fashion. We will see perhaps.

* I miss ..... my friends. Please come see me. And my family (hint hint... mom and dad come visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) thanks.

That's all for now. Back to the Olympics - snowboarding... yes!!

love yall miss yall. lo

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