Wednesday, February 17

Now I Know Why

Quality, Value, Convenience is so addicting. For everyone who is scratching their head trying to figure out what I am talking about, let me simplify. QVC is the leader among the home shopping network stations and I fell victim to its curse. On Valentine's Day Eve, we had a low key evening deciding to stay in to enjoy a relaxing evening of red wine and The Holiday (our most favorite movie that has surpassed Mean Girls, which was our college movie of choice). Little did I know, this relaxing evening was about to change. Lo suddenly realized that Rachel Zoe was debuting her line at Bryant Park and QVC was going to air it, allowing you to be the first to purchase her exciting new spring collection. Oh boy was I excited. I was jumping for joy with the anticipation of what was about to debut. I mean, my palms were sweating (ellen!).

So as a good husband would do on the eve of Love Day, we turn it to the QVC Channel and eagerly awaited Rachel Zoe, who by the way, is to die. The show starts and the barbie-like lady starts talking about how 500 items had already sold in 30 seconds and this is a record sell. QVC is selling RZ like its their job (I guess technically it is their job). Lo starts seeing items she really likes and the competitor in me came out. We were calling and redialing and calling and cussing (light verbage) at those who had dialed faster, but we in the end we were successful. One fur vest and two oversized capes were in our posession. GOOOOO US!!

And don't you worry, if you have previously shopped with them, either online or by phone you are in their database and they say "Lauren Clay at blah blah blah Avenue blah blah blah Washington, D.C., credit card number ###-####-####. Your order has been approved, thank you for shopping with QVC." Just like that! In a matter of seconds, we were on and off the phone, with the purchases on their way. I was mesmorized how on top of their shit QVC was. They have this down to an art form.

I was yearning for more competition, but luckily for our bank account the rest of the collection Lo was just okay with. We only purchase items that we love. I am very glad my social life keeps me from QVC. Just so I would forget about it, I gave it up for Lent. Mind you, Valentine's Day Eve was my first experience...

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