Tuesday, February 9

I know the last post was like

"OMG Snow. We love snow. It's so pretty. We played and watched it fall, and did I mention it's soooo pretty. WOW, look at this pic and this pic and how pretty this is and look how cool that snow is there."

You get where I am going. Well We/I are/am over this. I am beyond tired of the snow. It sucks. I read all the Facebook statuses from friends stating "I wish the snow would hit MS or 6 inches means no school, yay! or Why does snow hit every where but where I am". Friends, or friends of friends, or I don't even know you, yet we are FB friends, snow is only cool while skiing. I am not skiing. I am living. I am trying to go to work, the gym, be normal. The snow has taken that away. I am on Day Four of not working. Most people think that is fun, BUT Lo and I are going on 6 days since we have had a normal life and are expected to get another 10-18 inches POST our already 30.....We have been forced to eat, drink, watch movies, and clean. Things most people think are normal; Things we HAVE to do, because there is nothing else TO DO. You can't play in three feet of snow. Day Three of the storm, we finally were able to walk out, and in certain areas, the snow was up to my hip bone....this is not fun snow... Do NOT be jealous.

I am becoming an Eskimo.. I stay inside my igloo only to come out to gather food. I am a Rebel. I belong in the Grove. TAKE ME THERE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.. I am sorry if I offended any females with my pic. I was only continuing the theme of "Most Sexist Superbowl" ever. Who Dat, yea-yuh!

Here are the things that I believe will happen post reading the post:

1) My mother is saying "WESLEY"!
2) My father is laughing
3) My wife okayed this photo, it is not of her. Please don't think it is. She wears bras. I know, I wash them:)
4) My mother-in-law is laughing

and other people think I'm a perv, but I'm not, it's just that cold.

Until Next Time......

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