Saturday, February 6


Wesley and I decided to venture out to get some coffee during the blizzard and take some pics. And yes... it is DEFINITELY a blizzard - and it is still snowing!!!!! We have over 30 inches right now. Good thing we are stocked up with plenty of food - hope yall enjoy!!! These first pictures are from Tuesday before the Snowmegeddon but they are so pretty and I wanted to share. :) Apologies in advance for the super long post... but there were so many good pictures.
I think this last one is my favorite. Movies and steak night tonight!!


MS Mom said...

LOVE THESE PICS! But I love the fact that you are both OK and still have power. My fav is the one of the Capitol dome so white with snow you can just see the US flag. Oh, and I like the one with the traffic light and the get the idea.Take care of each other. Mama Jewell called from MN to check on ya'll. We love ya!

donna manning said...

Been thinking about ya'll every morning when the weather is on the national news! Glad you are okay-maybe you can come back South and teach us how to NOT shut down when we have a few flurries!
Take care,
Donna Manning and family