Saturday, March 13

A New Weekly Post from Yours Truly

Since I don't blog that much and since I received a record breaking three comments on my last post about the champagne glasses, I am going to start doing a weekly post called "What Lo Wants". Not that yall really care what I want or think is neat, but it is a great opportunity for me to give Wesley subtle hints about things he can buy me (Mom - feel free to send some gifts if you like as well... this isn't exclusively for Wesley). :) It will save me the time it takes during my lunch break when I send Wesley email after email only consisting of links to various clothing items that I have found online. I think he really enjoys those emails though..... anyway. That's it. My new post. I want a lot of things right now, so don't be annoyed when I post say a.... thrice weekly "What Lo Wants". Is thrice a word? Well it is today people. Speaking of.....

I wanted these... so I got them today. Yiipppee. Loving the studs.

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mother teresa said...

Great boots! Thanks for including me in the gift suggestions, haha. Nice try.