Thursday, March 11

You can never have enough.

I feel like Wesley and I are always in "desparate need" of champagne glasses. Whenever we are out and we see champagne glasses we immediately have this "these-are-the-perfect-set-of-champagne-glasses" brainwash. We buy the plastic ones and ones from TJ Maxx because we have a nice set of stemless ones from the wedding (which are currently residing in my parents basement...blahh).

Well these ladies and gentlemen.... I have to have. So could someone go buy them for me? Thanks. I mean they are even on sale - HALF OFF. I would prefer a set of 6.


Anna said...

I WANT THESE TOO!!!!!!!! Why won't our boys buy them for us!? :( I miss y'all. Can't wait to see you soon. Thanks for all the sweet emails and texts! Hope you are having a good week. Love you!

Carol said...

I wouldn't mind having some of these myself! Very cute!

Lindsay said...

Where are these from? I love them!!