Friday, March 26

Past Due Post

Being married to Lo is both a blessing and a curse. More of a blessing and ONLY a curse because she is

1) The HARDEST person to shop for, and
2) The HARDEST person to hide things from.

That is why for Birthday/Christmas/Anniversary, I buy one gift. Because it is always the same gift, she has all year to pick out what pair of Christian Louboutins she prefers. For other purchases, I just tell her I was thinking about buying her a present, so if she sees something (WITHIN REASON), we can get it. I always have to throw in the bolded part. Always.

I have gotten pretty good at keeping surprises from her, but not without her smelling something "going on". She is a snooper. A MAJOR SNOOPER.

So for Valentine's Day, I decided to do something other than the normal flowers, chocolate, and dinner. I had Brittany Fuson customize notecards for Lo. They turned out AMAZING and it probably was the best V-Day present I could have given her. Well, besides Pickles. Check out the final product, rightfully labeled, Mrs. Clay.

So if anyone needs customized stationary, visit Brittany. She is amazing! Also, check out her blog under our "Blog List" for frequent updates and fashion designs.


Until Next Time........


mother teresa said...

Those are so cute! No, Lauren has never had a surprise gift. She has always found (literally) or found out about every gift she has ever received. Its her own fault! (haha)

MS Mom said...

Oh how soon we forget. She WAS surprised when Wesley proposed...and how about later that night when she walked into
J Brousards and saw her Mom and Dad sitting there?