Wednesday, March 17

Remember When

Remember when you could request songs on the radio to your "loves". I do. Maybe you can still do that, not sure. Back in middle school, I used to lay in bed and listen to the local country station, waiting to hear who dedicated songs to who, and then seeing the girl giggle the next day at school because she was "going with" so and so and it was real because he dedicated a song to her last night on 94.9. I vividly remember like it was yesterday, one of my friends Brad, dedicated "She Don't Know She's Beautiful" by Sammy Kershaw (whoa flashback) to my friend's sister, Christen. Sadly, the are not together anymore. Maybe she realized she was beautiful and he didn't like her anymore. Perhaps.

I do wish I could retain my memory like this for work items. Oh well. So on this lovely St. Patrick's Day, I am going to turn this green day into a cooler shade of love.......

DJ: 94.9, what song would you like to dedicate?
ME: (In my awkard middle school voice) "Umm, hi. I would like to dedicate Train's Hey Soul Sister to my "friend" Lauren. She is cool and really pretty and I like talking to her on the phone and on AIM. So if she is listening, see you tomorrow in 4th period."

Here's to you Lo, you rock!

Until Next Time...........

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Ryan, Jenny, Crew and Carrington said...

CL3 I think is what it was called---Crying, Loving, Laughing, or Leaving...haha! I think we all laid in bed at night listening to 94.9. So funny to think back at all the silly songs that were dedicated.

Hope you and Lauren are well!