Thursday, March 18

Thirty One Years and Counting

Continuing with the cool shade of love, I want to shout to the mountain tops congratulatory praises to my parents who are celebrating 31 years of marriage today. In today's world, it is estimated that 43% of marriages end in divorce before the 15 year mark. That is an insanely high rate. I feel marriage should not be entered if both parties see divorce as an option. You are asking for failure.

I have been blessed with parents who found meaning in their marriage. While life has been a roller coaster, with some years being more difficult than others, I know they have held on tight to what makes their marriage strong, their friendship.

So Happy Anniversary to my parents. May you have 31 more.....Can you imagine my father at that age?!?! Look out for the old guy on the motor skooter. So to celebrate where they are now, I wanted to take a look back to where they used to be :)

Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction. - Saint-Exupery


mother teresa said...

Congrats to Malinda and Stewart!!!

ABL said...

Love your parents Wes! Happy Anniversary to "Catfish" and Malinda!