Wednesday, May 12

Little Lord GaGa

This guy/kid/boy is amazing. I'm not really sure why the girls in the background all seem so uninterested. The guy is going to be famous....You know they are all obsessed with the why not Little Lord Gaga. He has the same swoop as the Bieb, the same scrawny body as the Bieb, but a much better voice than the Bieb. The blondie in the upper right hand corner formed a new HUGE crush on LLG. The girl in between the mic and the piano just wishes she was somewhere else BBMing and not where she is now. She hates her life. She's a loser. The rest of the crowd, maybe just in shock... And does LLG go to an all girls school? Lucky him if he does. Where are the teenie dudes? Three predictions: 1) Blondie will be all over him, 2) He will be famous, and 3) The dudes at the school now hate him because of 1 and 2......Anyways, Enjoy.

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Brittany Fuson said...

Blondie saw this one coming.....she curled her hair.