Monday, August 30

Nomads No More

We had a few requests from our readers to inform them once we became apartment renters again. Lucky for everyone, we have arrived at that spot in life. After the strenuous application process, we were able to sweet talk someone into letting us rent their apartment. I have to take credit for this one, because we decided that if the renter was a female, I would do all the talking and if it was a male, Lo would throw out the bait. Well I won! Gotta love flirting with a middle age lady. I must be good at it. :)

So yesterday we got the keys to the Secret Garden. That is the name of our new place. Lo named it, clearly. I would have preferred to call it the "ultimate man cave", but that was quickly ex-nayed. You will see the name fits by the posted picture.

Along with our joy for the new place, we are also sad to leave behind our old apartment. You never really realize the great things that occurred in a place until you close the door that final time. A world wind of emotions run through your body. Bittersweet.

I am posting a few pics. Some are of us packing and others are to reminisce the good times we had on Maryland Ave.

Early stages of packing

And the boxes start to stack up

Last but certainly not least, the tv, spirits, and ironing board must go

The Penthouse back to its original state (minus our touch)

Sianara Penthouse (with our touch)

Funtimes at Murrrrland
(thats how people say it comment)

Welcome to the Secret Garden
(aka the UMC, "Ultimate Man Cave")

More to come from this lovely abode. Until next time.......

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