Friday, August 13


I'm trying to figure out where to begin. I have been absent-minded in my thoughts, causing my side of the blogging world to be that of a blank page. I started a new area of the legislative world in my career and during what is supposed to be a period of relaxation (since Congress is in recess) I have been quite the opposite. I have been running at 90 mph and the days are speeding away from me. I guess in the end, that is not such a bad thing. During the day at least. I prefer my nights to be slower.

Like the South, D.C. has experienced intense heat, not allowing our a.c. units to properly perform their duties of cooling down our apt. I have found recently, I can get quite cranky during the evenings if things are not going my way. I'm sure most are in shock at that last statement, because if you know me or Lo for that matter, you know I probably never get things my way. In a sense, I guess that comes with the job of a husband. I like to think it comes with being specifically married to my wife. Nothing makes me happier though than when I can make her smile. Everything negative goes away during those moments.

[In case you are wondering what makes me cranky at night]

1. The heat. I shower every evening to relax me. The kitchen in our apt is not ventilated, which causes the temperature to insanely rise while we cook. It makes me super cranky. It gets to a point when Lo has to take over, because I am in such a bad mood.

2. The heat. Continuing with this topic because the insane heat I spoke of earlier moves its devilish self into our living area, where I am trying to relax on the couch. At this point, our ac units have been pumping hot air into our apt all day and no where (except on the floor right in front of the unit) is cool.

3. Lo not performing her duties in a timely manner. I also like my week nights to go in order. We have to make Lo's lunch, pick out her clothes for work (she likes to do this "in her head" first so it takes a while), iron her clothes (I do this because she "doesn't iron them like I do"), wash her face and get ready for bed. By 9:00, I would like to be sitting on the couch, watching useless tv shows Lo assures me are great. By 10:30, I want to be in bed...Now this is were our marriage has its differences. Lo hates bedtime, refuses it actually. She will do whatever it takes to postpone going to bed. Rarely do we go to bed at the same time. I have never understood why it takes women so long to get ready for bed. Just wash your face and go to sleep. No need for face creams, under eye creams, forehead creams, neck creams, behind the ear creams. I just don't get it.

Going back to the nightly chores. Ideally, I would like for many of the things to be completed right when we arrive at home. Rarely, this occurs, but you bet your bottom dollar, my amazing, little wife will let me know when the uncommon act happens. She usually has a form of this conversation:

After I walk into the door before it has closed in its entirety
Lo: Guess what I did? (this isn't really a question, just an introduction for her to tell me) I already made my lunch and picked out my clothes. And just so you know, my clothes do not need ironing. I picked them especially for that reason so you don't get cranky. Aren't you proud of me? I did it for you. (huge smile and eyes beaming)

Got to love her. Wouldn't ask for anyone else. Ever.

Well the weekend is upon us and I must be out to enjoy the weekend with the ol' devil herself. What's in store for the weekend you internally ask? Probably a purchase for the wife for already making her lunch and picking out clothes that didn't need to be ironed. But that didn't happen this week. Oh well.

Until next time.


mother teresa said...

All I can say to you Lauren is, you couldn't have done any better in picking out a husband. I hope you know that and appreciate him every day. Most husbands wouldn't put up with your sh....!

katelynclaire said...

i absolutely love this post. so much so, i just referenced it on my own blog. chad and i laughed out loud reading this. so clever, so true. sooooo true