Wednesday, October 20

Happy Birthday PapaCat

I'm not feeling very well today. Actually, I feel awful. Running at a mere 57%, but needed to give a shout to my father, who celebrates his day of birth today. I hope he has many more to come. There is nothing better than a little reminiscing on your birthday to make you realize just how old you have become. I am uncertain of the age of this photograph, but can be safe to say it was captured during the 70's.

Until Next Time...and hopefully feeling better

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MS Mom said...

Just an FYI for those WoLo blog followers out there: the female on the back of my husband's Harley is NOT me. I was probably around 12 when this pic was taken. My Daddy would not have let me leave the house with this "long-haired hippie" much less get on a motorcycle with him. Anywho----
Happy birthday Stewart (or for the majority out there- Catfish) !!!
Hope you get to feeling better son.