Monday, October 11

wolo columbus day

One of the few perks of working for a government (believe me, they are few and far between), is that we get all the pointless holidays off. It is amazing. Wesley and I took the long weekend opportunity to stay in, cook and catch up on all the shows that we haven't had time to see. This morning we got up and worked out, went to Starbucks and I came home to make homemade brunch. We had a little hiatus to our morning................... since Wesley had to run up to his office to take a meeting that he had accidentally scheduled on his day off. I decided I would take the morning to make something that I hadn't made before - pancakes from scratch. I am obsessed with Pioneer Woman's recipe website Tasty Kitchen. I found these Whole Wheat Raspberry Pancakes and they were wonderful. Or would have been wonderful if I actually knew how to cook. I think they look a little bit more like cookies - I wish they had turned out fluffier. Even though they had to stay in the oven to keep warm for a hour............ , I think they were relatively edible.

Things I did differently.... or would do differently next time:
- I used all white whole wheat flour instead of the mix of regular flour and whole wheat flour.
- Always add the wet mixture into the dry mixture instead of the other way around.
- I used 1/4 cup measuring cup to scoop the mixture into the skillet and they turned out a nice size.
- The tip in the recipe to add the fruit after you put the mixture in the skillet is a good tip. I was able to add raspberries for me and chocolate chips for Wesley. I would try blueberries next time because the raspberries were a little big and didn't really soak into the pancakes and they ended up burning on the pan.... and smoking up my whole kitchen.... and setting off my fire alarm.......
- When I mixed the dry and wet ingredients together, I over whisked them hence why I got flat cookie-like pancakes. Next time I would leave them a little lumpier. Fluffier is better.
- Someone needs to buy me a griddle.

All and all I think I was semi successful. Here is picture of my pancake-cookieish mountain.
Busy week coming up.... off to NYC tomorrow night until Thursday night for work and then a full weekend. Keep on truckin'....

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