Friday, November 5

Because Who Doesn't Need This.

Lo forwarded me an email this morning and when the time comes for us to renovate or build our own home, this will 100% be added to the list.. Heck, it might shoot up to the top position like a Netflix movie does on your Queue.

Disclaimer: Should I EVER visit your house and this has been installed, I will know you stole it from us and I will CUT you. Have a good Friday and always keep one eye open.

You need some wine?

Hold on a sec while I go into my secret wine cave conveniently located in the kitchen.

Oh yes, it circles down. Way down.

Tornado warnings mean nothing in the Clay house. Also, should my wife ever become missing, you now know where to find her.

Until Next Time......

pictures from an email and obviously someone's home. If this is your home, you are cool. If anyone replicates this but us, well you know what will happen.....

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