Tuesday, November 2

I Had No Idea Today was Election Day

Today We Vote for the "Enemies"!

Election Day means..........there will be a post, of course. On the way to the gym, I realized I had left my subway card at home. Lucky for me, the day I decided to leave it behind, just happens to be the coldest morning D.C. has had in months. By 7:15, it had warmed up a bit and I began my walk back to Capitol Hill. I usually pick warmer occasions to venture home outside, but without a pass, I had only one option. I picked my normal route: down 7th street, left on Pennsylvania, then onto Constitution, passing the Capitol and Senate buildings. The sunrise in D.C. is amazing.

On 6th and Pennsylvania is The Newseum. Founded by Charles Overby (The Overby Center for Journalism at Ole Miss and also a Brentwood native), this museum is one of the most amazing exhibits in D.C. A few weeks ago, Lo and I attended the opening for Covering Katrina there with special guest, Governor Barbour. Along with this exhibit, they have 4-5 floors of everything that is Journalism. Worth the money and the time.

Back to the point of my post, outside the Newseum, they display the front page of a local paper from every state. The paper changes daily, giving all a chance for representation. Today's headlines all had a similar message....Is today the day of change?

As a conservative, I hope so. So everyone get out and vote and if you live in District 1 in Mississippi, vote Alan Nunnelee for Congress! Get our country back people and lets show "those" we are not enemies, just lovers of our great nation!

Until Next Time.....

pics from the Washington Post and Southern Living. i couldn't find the ones we had taken, but they look just the same.

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