Monday, April 25

Marlene & Me Part II

Still not much interaction with Marlene. Except for at 5:01 A.M., 5:47 A.M., 6:13 A.M., and 7:29 A.M. That is when she decided it would be funny to come jump on the bed, meow like a crazy person, and tap my face or hand with her paw. Yes, she a tapper. On a normal morning, I would already be up and at the gym, but it's Bachelor week, and that means hitting the snooze button and not caring.

After her 4th meow yelling/paw tapping debacle, I decided I should get up and shower. I sat up and the cat disappeared. I didnt see her the rest of the morning. I didn't get much sleep last night because I thought Marlene was going to shit and piss all over my apartment. Luckily, she remembered where the pooper tub was located. With it being recess on Capitol Hill, I am able to run home for lunch. I also thought it would be nice to say hello. That didn't happen. I called her name, looked under the couch, the chair, the closets, under the bed, and any where else I could think. No sign of the black cat.

After work, I came home and for almost an hour, searched the normal places, while calling the cats name in English and British a thousand times. At this point, I started getting worried. What if on the first full day, I lost the damn cat. Typical of me. Then out of no where, she jumped out of the closet and figuratively scared the shit out of me. After that, she ran off and has been running away from me ever since.

She is currently sitting on the chair giving me the evil eye. Maybe one day she will want more. Until then, she runs.

See the cuddly Marlene here.

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