Monday, July 11

local places, local spaces

i love supporting local business and farmers. for such a big city, dc does have a lot
of wonderful local shops, restaurants and farmers markets.
especially on the hill. our little neighborhood of capitol hill has, in the past
two years, really blossomed with restaurants and bars owed by local people. love love it.
one place on the hill that has been around forever is fragers.
fragers is basically our own mini lowe's. when wesley and i decided to clean up our patio (well
wesley really but i love taking credit for it).
i love pretending i have a green thumb, when in fact, i have basically now
killed all the plants in the pictures below. anyway, wanted to share.
we love fragers. we love the hill.

lots of plants
our little red wagon of treasure

finished product!before painting....
burlap covered herbs
the best porch now!

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