Monday, July 11

virginia wine country

one of the things that i will miss most about dc when we move away (someday.... anyday... anyone? please? jobs?!) ANYWAY! One of the things I will miss a lot is how close we are to vineyards and beautiful scenery. we can literally drive into virginia and in 30 minutes and we are in the middle of rolling hills and beautiful trees. we also can drink some good wine.

one saturday we decided hey let's go wine tasting. so we packed a lunch and snacks (food anxiety - definitely had to pack snacks) in our traders joe's insulated cooler and took off to the vineyards just the two of us. i didn't map it out - which i always do. so ocd. we just got in the car and drove. we had the best time and discovered some new vineyards that we hadn't been to before. if people would come to visit us............. we could take you to them :) in the mean time, you can look at our pics.

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