Friday, August 26

Huge Fan

It is a well known fact that I have long been a fan of Leighton Meester. Since the first time Lo and I watch Gossip Girl, I knew I was on Team Blair and not Team Serena. May be too much info for some, but I'm positive those who are scratching their heads and questioning me right now have not watched the show.

A few years ago, the world found out that LM could also sing. Like most, she hit the music world with a hip-hop, techno style. She first appeared with Cobra Starship in Good Girls Go Bad. I still listen to this to get me in a good mood. She then followed with Your Loves a Drug, and then was featured on the Valentine's Day soundtrack with Somebody to Love.

Many may have seen Country's Strong, where she played an inspiring young country artist.

Where am I going with this? Recently, she has changed her style of music, and quite frankly, I really like it. LM hooked up with Check in the Dark, another band you must check out (pun intended). Here is their live performance in New York City at the Troubadour. Would like to see both of them in concert.

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