Saturday, August 27

natural disaster week

well, we start out the week with an earthquake and end the week with a hurricane. hopefully, things will for the most part miss us. since we live in a basement apartment where our bedroom floods even with a little rain, we have taken a few precautions. wesley has just finished rigging up a tarp and sandbags (well topsoil..... there is no sand left in the city) over our bedroom door. also, the electric in dc is notorious for going out so we are stocked up with some candles and trail mix, and of course wine. i started a crockpot with bbq pulled chicken this morning... so at least we will have some food!! now it is just kind of a waiting game. watching tv, getting some laundry done and maybe catching up on some blogging. we will keep yall updated (if we have internet!) things and praying for our friends in NC / lower VA and of course NYC. Stay dry!!!!

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.. Charleston for now .. said...

Thinking of yall .. stay safe.. keep us updated!!