Monday, September 12

Post Work Jog

Lo and I decided to sleep in this morning and go for a run after work. It was quite the perfect day for a jog down the National Mall to the Lincoln Memorial, then back to the Capitol and on to Lincoln Park. After running up the treacherous hill that hugs the Capitol, we decided to stop and take in the beauty of the sunset. It was very calming and peaceful, considering the very tense weekend that just passed.

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MS Mom said...

That must be the hill that your dad and I almost didn't make it all the way up when we visited.
But we had been walking all day. Such a beautiful sunset. I am envious of the historical and beautiful surroundings you have at your fingertips. But I am really proud that you have had this adventure. Now, ready for you to move back to the South. Love and {{HUGS}} across the miles.