Friday, October 21

Back in the Day

I was a counselor at Camp Henry Pratt in Columbus. I have many memories of those fun days.  One of my campers, Ruby Jane, was deathly allergic to dairy.  To ease her mother's thoughts, I took it upon me to make sure Ruby Jane did not ingest anything that had the scent of cow. Since those days, she has become quite the artist.  In 2005, Ruby Jane became the youngest invited fiddler in history to play the Grand Ole Opry, sharing the stage with Opry legend Mike Snider.  Now 16, she plays 11 different instruments and has played at many other venues including another stint at the Grand Ole Opry and Lollapalooza.

Last night, she played at Hill Country in Chinatown, so Lo and I, along with our buddies, Jackson and MVB, went down to grab some bbq and listen to Ruby Jane. And boy did she rock it. Below are a couple of pics and videos of her performance.

Not sure what this anon couple is doing.....

A little singing.

Then a fiddle rock out.

Great night.

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