Monday, November 17

TWILIGHT Obsession.

I know I am a little behind the time in becoming obsessed with Twilight. But I will admit - yes - I have become part of the Twilight cult. If you have not begun to read this series I seriously suggest you jump on board and start. I am just about to finish the third book, and let me tell you, I am not that much of a reader! Granted I do have a 40 minute train ride to and from work everyday.. but that is beside the point. Go buy these books and read them!! That is an order.

PS I would like to also admit that I am in love with Edward Cullen. My husband does know this and is willing to accept my cheating heart.
PPS The movie is coming out 21 Nov 08!!! I will be watching this multiple times, so if you want a buddy to go watch it with, I'm your girl!

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