Thursday, August 20

Confessions Part II

Greetings readers. The SAH is back in action. I bet you thought it would be a lot longer wait before your next confessions. Tonight is your lucky night. I think.

Shit. I almost forgot....Guess what!!!!! We found the black leather JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well at least we bought one..It hasn't arrived, but we have high hopes we will soon complete the look and have a totally cute outfit. You, of course, will be the first to know if it worked or not.

Back to my reason for blogging. Another confession. As I am blogging, Project Runway is playing in the background. Obviously I am not tuned in, as I am typing on the computer, but as an SAH, I am required (yes, required) to watch this t.v. show. Guys who read this blog should not act like they are never required to do things by their significant other. You're not pulling my leg or your significant other that is probably reading this too.

But again back to my topic. Project Runway has been a staple in our relationship. We have watched this for six seasons. Lauren picks a front runner favorite and goes with that designer. She gets ideas and inspirations and then looks for it in the department stores, boutiques, and vintage stores.

Note: This show has the most weepers I have every seen (and they are not female). Annoying.

Oh the life of me...Until next time.

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