Monday, August 17

Should be working.....

So this is a secret post...shhh...I'm at work, but just had to reflect on how the taste of certain foods can take you back home. Well I just had that moment. Our Legislative Director, who just happens to be from Columbus, had her birthday this past weekend. What was her cake? Just the most amazing Turtle Cheesecake from Jubilations......I had a slice a minute ago and was instantly taken back to Columbus.

If you do not know me that well, then I have to tell you that Turtle Cheesecake from Jubilations is my favorite and just so happens to be my birthday cake. Has been for many years. So if you are feeling generous, send one to me :) It's not my birthday, but will be soon. Oh yeah, and I like the cake to have a nut less crust. They make it, I know.

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