Sunday, January 31

Long Overdue

Currently, I am watching the Grammy's with Lo. It was Sunday Funday, so we took full advantage of the situation....... sleeping late, eating Mexican, ice cream, and finishing it off with pizza and wings. I now feel like an ultimate fat ass (talk about a situation), but tomorrow is a new day and a new month. Most people try and start being healthy and working out Jan. 1, but since everyone does that, I feel enlightened to do things differently. That's were Feb 1 comes into place. Come summer, I will be looking more like Matthew McConaughey than Wesley Clay, but that's cool. I approve.

On a different topic, at Christmas Lo posted a few pics of our apartment in the decorative mood. It completely passed our minds that no one (unless you have visited in person) has seen the penthouse. So here ya go.

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Courtney said...

Lauren and Wesley, Love your happy, CLEAN home! And your February 1 resolution. Mine was the same. January was house month. February is work on the body month! Excited to hear the new song too! Did you first hear it on the Buried Life? We did.