Thursday, February 4

Could someone please come save us? PLEASE.

So as if the three snowstorms in DC weren't enough, starting tomorrow at noon and up until Saturday night at midnight we are expected to get between 2 - 3 FEET of snow. Yes... I said FEET NOT INCHES. I mean, is this a freakin joke??!!! We are southerners living in the north. We can not handle this. I repeat.. WE CAN NOT HANDLE THIS!!!!! So of course Wesley and I have no food in our house at the moment and I am going to have to venture to the grocery after work today with all the crazies to stock pile on some goods. Pizza... check. Vino... check. Hmmm... I think that is all we will need... :)

I know I keep saying I am going to update with some recent pics, including snow pics, but I really am going to this weekend since I am LITERALLY going to be snowed in. And if my mother is reading this, please quit telling me about your beautiful 90 degree weather in the Caymen's. It makes me want to barf. :) love you!


MS Mom said...

No 90 degree weather here in MS but it is raining and cold. You and Wesley just need to act like the true Southeners that you are and go to the store for milk and bread. NOW. And don't drive in the snow-you don't know how.Take care, be careful and take lots of pics so that those of us that have never or ever will see that much snow can ooh and ahh over it.And thank the Lord that we don't have any. Sorry.
Sending love your way!

mother teresa said...

Nancy says you're a little testy, haha! The weather seems to be getting to you. I don't blame you. Its back to reality in a couple of days. Love you and hang in there. Just get in the snuggie and hunker down.