Saturday, October 9

The Great Pumpkin Race

Sometimes I get nervous about new things... or things I don't have control of. Actually I always do. Well, I always get nervous before races. I called Wesley out in the car on the way there because whenever he gets nervous he always hits the breaks. Literally. If we are walking toward something he isn't sure about he will literally back up. On the way to Reston, VA for our race today when we weren't sure where we were going he would literally hit the breaks. Well, I clam up. I cross my arms, cross my legs and look around like a deer in head lights. I also talk a lot. I like to give myself pep talks out loud... but to other people. Example:

Lauren: "Wesley, well this is just for our personal best. I mean, it doesn't matter how we do against everyone else, right? It is just for fun." (Verbal affirmation for myself so that I won't immediately walk away and/or just quit the second I cross the start line.)
Wesley: "Yes, dear (as he secretly laughs to himself because I'm such a crazy ass)."

Today ended up being a beautiful fall day in Reston, VA. Even more beautiful because I beat Wesley. Yes, you read that right. I beat Wesley (and no Mom, he didn't let me win!). Fair and square. I would even venture to say that in the last 0.2 mile I whooped about 10 men. Not to brag... or to kinda brag. I finished 46 out of 803 women and 12 out of 147 in my age group. I'll take that. Doesn't really matter - we had so much fun and enjoyed something new. Here are a few pics to share... don't judge my sweaty hair, people.

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mother teresa said...

I'm so proud of you two!