Saturday, October 9

The Secret Garden Pumpkin Patch

So I know any of you that follow us on Twitter, Facebook or our blog (yes we complained for a really long time......) saw our quest to find an apartment in August. We really appreciated all the comments, retweets and texts of encouragement as we had to move out of our apartment of two years :( yes i did cry when we left... were homeless and taken in by great friends for a week, left all our belongings in another wonderful friend's house for the week and moved in across the street bit by bit. If I took one thing from the whole moving experience, it was truly seeing what great friends we have made in DC. Between housing us and our things, we couldn't have asked for more. So after all the trauma, we have left everyone in the dark about our new place! It has finally come together after a month. Moving created one other problem for us - we had no furniture! All our other places were furnished and all our furniture has been sitting in my parents garage for the past two and a half years (thanks!!!!). Luckily, my WONDERFUL mother packed a uhaul with a couch and a bed and other things and drove the 13 hours up to DC. Isn't T the best!!! I took off work and the two of us not only parallel parked a 16 foot uhaul on a DC street, but unloaded the entire thing, unpacked almost every box and returned the uhaul in five hours. It was awesome. T & Lo Powerhouse. Maybe we should start a company? Or not
.... So anyway, a month later here are some pics of our new apartment. Hope you'll come visit :)

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MS Mom said...

The apartment looks really cute!!! I love all the pumpkins. And, that Ole Miss photo over the bed, has a lot of miles on it. Some of the best money I ever spent.
We love yall,
MS Mom